I think therefore I am…? An exploration of artificial intelligence (AI) marketing practitioner perceptions and practices

Bant's thesis can be downloaded here. The doctorate explores the perceptions of artificial intelligence (AI) by the advertising industry and contrasts those perceptions with the state of AI marketing development today. The advertising industry is an interesting focal point for a discussion regarding AI because it is one of the emblematic creatively focused industries, and creative is often viewed as an area where machines can only copy or support and not ideate. The primary research for the thesis is a survey of key stakeholders in the advertising and marketing world on the topic of artificial intelligence. After fielding the questionnaire, a smaller set of respondents participated in follow-up interviews to expand their opinions on various areas of the survey. The results show an industry cautiously interested in AI and its potential, but woefully unaware and unprepared for the challenges this technological leap-forward presents.

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The International Public Relations Association Gold Paper on Executive Reputation

The new IPRA Gold Paper The Changing Face of Executive Reputation is co-authored by Bant Breen and Enric Ordeix. Breen is the founder, chair and CEO of Qnary, while Ordeix, is director of the Blanquerna School of International Communication and sits on the IPRA Board. Together they have brought admirable wisdom and research skills to bear on a fascinating yet under-analysed topic. In the summer of 2018, Qnary and the BE Center for Global Communications (a shared initiative between Emerson College and The Blanquerna School of Communications) surveyed 6,200 full-time employees across the US, UK, China, Italy, Spain and Australia. The results of that survey provided the foundation for the Gold Paper’s exploration of C-suite reputation and its incontrovertible conclusion that the online reputations of senior C-level executives have become a significant influence on the perception of organizations.

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